What can your city do with this tool?

The goal of this tool is to help cities take action to slow and eventually reverse the destruction of the world’s forests. We envision this tool helping motivate and guide local regulations, culture-change, new technologies, and market responses. There are no specific actions that this tool prescribes, but we anticipate many creative outcomes. We will be working with our cities to co-create ways that this tool can help cities reduce, and eventually reverse, the devastating impacts we are having on the earth’s remaining tropical forests, climate and biodiversity.

  • Visualize city-specific consumption relative to tropical deforestation.
  • Include the city’s “imported deforestation” in carbon accounting.
  • Guide policies that limit use of forest-risk commodities, and favor forest-positive options.
  • Encourage tropical forest conservation initiatives in climate planning.
  • Influence national policies on imports and domestic production of forest risk commodities.
  • Meet carbon-neutral goals quicker
  • Share transparent impact data and mitigation strategy with residents and peer cities
  • Encourage Partner Forest initiatives that balance deforestation with forest-positive outcomes.